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We are growing!

We grew this network of women so much we are branching out. What does this mean? We need liaisons for your city or region to facilitate this growth. 


Lilies Liaisons

-Gotta start with two Iron Lilies to grow a branch. A partner in crime is always helpful. 

- Be an active part of the community. We want to see you out there. Plan meet ups, attend some bike nights, plan a weekend ride. But 1 gathering a month is requested. 

-Be available to help others connect. 

-Be social! Start an instagram and Facebook for your area. @IronLiliesState

- Be empowering! Encourage babes to the front. We want to see women riding. Reach out, encourage other and be open to all that identify as a women that want wind in their hair on 2(or3) wheels. Empowered women empower women.

Grown a Branch
We have read the rules for facilitating an Iron Lilies branch
Are both Liaisons already registered as Iron Lilies in out community network?

Thanks for submitting!

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