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We are a community of women on motorcycles who revel in the freedom inherent in motorcycling. Our purpose is to connect female riders and strengthen the presence of women in the motorcycling industry.

Our members rumble around the world. Each of us are unapologetic in who we are and take pride in our local communities of women who share the passion for motorcycling. There’s a specific kind of grit and power that comes with being on two wheels, we hope to share that “hell yeah” spirit with all women.


Ride with the IronLilies

Our credo and guidelines are simple:

  • We're inclusive and welcome any person identifying as a woman

  • We share a passion for making motorcycling more approachable for women

  • We're made of brain, spine and grit; we have fun, live well and respect others

  • Any make and model of motorcycle is welcome (none of that garbage or required miles per year)

  • We are completely free to join - again, none of that bullshit. We're here to connect women riders and foster the connection of women in motorcycling

Social media is really important to  network. Please ensure accurate links.

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