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Empowered women empower women. Thank you for being that kind of woman, we need you.


The Iron Lilies is on a mission to empower women on two wheels. We are here to connect womxn riders around the world and support them in the motorcycling community.


The IronLilies is a network of strong Independent Ladies in the motorcycling community. We want to share our love of two(or three) wheels with others who identify as a woman. Being a worldwide network, we need branch liaisons to do that on a local level. Our goal is to bring the IronLilies to all corners of the world and we are starting with individual states and countries. We want you to be a Liaison for your area and bring about more local city branches. Once a state has a branch future Liaisons can open smaller city branches. But we start at the state level. 


Li·ai·son noun

  1. communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.


To facilitate the growth of womxn who ride we have some helpful guidelines for success in your community. 



-Be welcoming to all that identify as a womxn and want to get involved in motorcycling. There are no single riders out, motorcycles are for all womxn. The best part of this is building a community of like minded badass women. Drama is not served here and we do expect as a group that matters will all be handled like the grown women we are. 


- Be an active part of the community. What does that actually mean? You should ride. 100 miles a year or 10,000 is irrelevant. Cruiser, sport bike, trike? Doesn't matter.  But actual access to your own motorcycle and the ability to ride is part of the gig. We do want to see you out there. 


-We are not a club, no dues, no crazy rules, no expectations about time commitments. With that said, we respect clubs, riding groups, and other organizations. So, we ask that our Iron Lilies Liaisons only run and coordinate their branch. This is to avoid miscommunication of what our network is about, and if you wish to partake in other rides, you're welcome to do so.  All Lilies can plan an event or ride.  Empower your local community to be active and support them. This is not all on just two liaisons, it is a community, and liaison facilitates the community. Empowered women empower women.


-Expect different skill sets. Some women have never ridden, some have for their entire lives. No judgments are where someone is on their journey. We want to encourage safe motorcycling, especially in group settings. You are not expected to teach anyone to ride, but encourage them wherever they are. It is also suggested you can direct riders to information like somewhere that does classes and your local laws/requirements on how to get a motorcycle endorsement. You will likely be asked at some point. As a group we encourage all of your riders to be licensed and insured. Keep those girls safe. 


-Plan meetups, attend some bike nights, plan a weekend ride. One gathering a month is requested, NOT required.  We know that being extroverted may not be your thing, so if you need specific help on trying to set something up, reach back out to us. We would love to brainstorm ideas and get you going. 


-Be social. Instagram and Facebook are our main platforms. Join our Facebook group,, it's helpful to discuss with other members. 


-Acceptable posts: Please avoid controversial, political topics, or overly sexualized photos. IronLilies is not just a group of hot women on motorcycles, and we’re not trying to appeal in just that way. The goal is to be diverse, welcoming, and edgy. 


-members photos and features. Be mindful of privacy.


-helpful motorcycling tips or conversation starters

- The IronLilies should read as a cohesive brand across all branches - one brand, one mission, one voice. Logos are used to be recognizable. Please use the IronLilies branded logo for marketing materials. 


-Please tag @theironlilies in any local event or meetup and new members post so we can reshare on our main page and stories.


-local bike events. Even if you're not going, we want to facilitate an active community.  i.e. Bike rallies or hosting your own bike night, please make sure to email us details so we can share in our newsletter on a larger scale. 


-New local members need to be directed to to officially register with the network. When we have a new member in your state we will share contact info for you to be able to reach out how you feel most comfortable. Email, IG, or FB, but not everyone uses each platform.  I'm a firm believer in finding your local vibe and how you want to grow your community is probably going to be the wisest.

What's next:

-Send us a photo of both Lilies Liaisons together with their bikes. This photo will be used as an announcement, so if it takes a few days to coordinate a good one we totally understand, this is your "marketing" for the branch and will be shared on all our pages. Also would love a little info about you two ladies, How you know each other, why you ride, favorite moto trip you've taken, etc. Whatever you're comfortable to share. 

- After you are approved, you can set up your Social Media. Please note you need to set up a separate email to be set up first, i.e. Otherwise it will be personally attached with a liaison's name. Then to set up your Instagram next with the new separate email and easy to share password. It's not a bad idea to send it to us for safe keeping. Your Instagram should follow the same format "IronLilies__________". Then you can set up your Facebook Group. When you make either of these, please forward us the links. 

-Then go for it! If you're planning a ride or meetup send it our way so we can share. And for the future tag us in any events you're going to(local ride, big rally, etc) and we'll make sure they are in our story. 


Other helpful information:

-LiliesLiasons always get 20% off LiliesGear as a thank you for helping grow the community. Use “LiliesLiaison” at checkout.

- STATE Shirts can be ordered through as well. Keep in mind shirt sales are the only funding the IronLilies has and we like to keep shirt production through them. Send us an email and we'll get your state setup if you want state shirts.


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We are continuing to grow and we thank you for your part in it. We look forward to the growing branches in cities around and could not do without your involvement. 

Please reach out if you need anything, we are here to work together creating a network of womxn riders. 


Thank you, 

the IronLilies

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