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the Dream Roll 22

Rider: Raegan @ raerae_rides, Washington, Harley Davidson Sportster

"My friend Rhiannon put it perfectly when she said “I stepped out of reality and into a biker babe


I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at the campground for DreamRoll. I’d followed the

event on Instagram for a few years, but this year was my first time actually attending. When I

arrived I waited in line with other women I had never met before, but who were all excitedly

waiting to be let in to the event. The energy was infectious. Some women were popping open

bottles of booze they’d brought, others were joyfully taking selfies and joking around, and

everyone was in high spirits. Prior to arriving I was a little worried that it would be hard to make

friends because I often feel out of place in large groups and tend to be on the quieter side, but

before I even unpacked my bike I had already made so many new friends. Walking through the

campground, which was part wooded cabins and part open field packed with tents, felt like a

dream. I’d never been to an all women’s motorcycle event like this, and women were walking

around openly, freely, ripping around on dirt bikes, choppers, big baggers with side cars, and

everything in else in between. There wasn’t a single moment that I felt judged or self conscious.

Aside from riding my motorcycle, it was truly the most freeing experience I’ve ever had. Women

of all shapes and identities shared this space where we celebrated each other and our shared

love of motorcycles, and it was pure magic.

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